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  • What are Heroic Life drinks ?
    Heroic Life beverages are divided into 3 different categories - Heroic Plus: energy drinks that come in different flavors - Heroic Sport: boosting drinks that has different range of tastes - Heroic Kids: healthy snack for the kids to level up their metabolism
  • Where to find Heroic Life drinks ?
    Heroic Life drinks can be found in retail stores, hypermarkets and gas stations
  • Are Heroic kids good for the my child's health ?
    Yes, and totally free of any chemical additives that may harm your kids health on the long term Check nutrients on the products page to know more.
  • What are the Heroic sport beverages ?
    They are pre/during workout drinks that may help you to boost your metabolism and reach your maximum capacity.
  • What do Heroic plus drinks contain ?
    Heroic Plus drinks are energy drinks, they contain natural caffeine which help you to withstand the fatigue.
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