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Founded in 2017 by Lassana Diarra, a former French professional and international footballer, HEROIC LIFE is a Made in France brand specializing in non-alcoholic drinks. The brand is made up of 3 ranges: HEROIC SPORT, HEROIC PLUS and HEROIC KIDS. Developed in collaboration with the research and development departments of the LSDH group,
a French agri-food benchmark, Heroic Life drinks are creations that seek to hustle the of the drinks notion.

Our mission is to combine pleasure and hydration with innovative products. Well-being is the driving force behind our innovations. With HEROIC LIFE everything is accessible, with the DNA of surpassing oneself, motivation and fun!


An active and dynamic daily life that sometimes draws on our energy reserves, HEROIC PLUS has been developed to become the ideal ally that boosts hectic days in a healthier way. Without taurine, with organic cane sugar and natural caffeine, HEROIC PLUS is an energy drink made in France that perfectly meets the expectations of today's consumers. In order to promote the physical activity of the youngest, HEROIC KIDS was also conceptualized by Lassana Diarra to meet the expectations of children and parents alike for a gourmet product that facilitates hydration.

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Our mission is to expand HEROIC LIFE experience into the Middle Eastern and Asian countries, our intentions are to be considerably present in sport events that are occurring in the area and specially in the UAE, HEROIC LIFE will be an indistinguishable sponsor to the different fields of sport activities.     

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